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"Defiance is an act of hope"

I received my grade for the last semester and was very disappointed. I made the wrong decision to create work that i thought my teachers would like (in hope to get a better grade) rather than going my own way and doing what i want. Turns out they prefer my individual style and i should have gone with my gut. Lesson learnt i guess. Anyway i saw this in the street on the walk home and it couldnt be more relevant! 

I took this photo in Paris. It’s one of those sights that make you wonder what type of people they are - what do they do when they’re not dressed up as clowns? I’m not sure why this photo makes me feel sad..

Inspiration for future projects maybe? 

This counts as art right? :)

I failed miserably with keeping my blog up to date every week with these so here is six weeks worth of 'My Week in Scraps' 

Summary of the photo’s from left to right —> My girlfriends parents wedding, collected items from a hen night, anniversary card along with things from a charity package, gifts from my sisters holiday, a fake 20Euro note i found and finally: souvenirs from our Paris trip.

Uni workshop - illustrating from our own collections. I took some photo’s from my weekly scrap project and added my own drawings. (this has reminded me i that i really need to upload my weekly scraps from the last month or so! Coming soon!) 

I finally have the free time to waste hours on Netflix again so I’ve just started watching American Horror Story - pretty much hooked on it already. The graphic designer in me instantly wanted to draw the opening typography so here’s the first page to my new journal :D 


Even if it’s for a cigarette - a break from your work helps refresh the mind.

Similar advice from my previous posts: just go with it. Pick up some materials and just create something, even if it’s nothing to do with your current project you may find what you make could be useful in some way. With this piece (yes it is Justin Timberlake’s face) I only created it because i was bored and fed up with working on the computer. It ended up being submitted for my final assessment! 

From my ‘I Wish I Had Known That’ project… 

I made this when i was fed up with my uni projects - turns out it was actually eligible for my portfolio! Sometimes just ‘making stuff’ can help you find inspiration! From this I made a series of collages to contribute to my ‘I wish I Had Known That’ project.

Lesson learnt guys! Just make stuff - create without thought and you could surprise yourself :) 

BUT this is art too - Paris

Parisian Street Art